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In for the New Year

JANUARY 2012   



Well its all over for another year, I hope the next lot takes a little longer to get to than last year; boy that year went quick.


We start off this year with again a quandary over what will happen in Europe, and will we be affected and if so how. Many of the “Experts” we have listened to recently at seminars and technical sessions believe that we again will weather the storm.


So lets have a look at some advice from the Guru’s –


Australian Unity Personal Financial Services – give us an outlook on the Markets and 2012


IPAC Securities Limited – provide us with some food for thought as to a review of what we did with our money last year and what we should have done.

Paul Clitheroe (IPAC) provides us with a guide for 2012.


The ATO – continues its audit of Contractors – are you a Personal Services Business or, earning only Personal Services Income. Check your status; if you are not clear on the differences please contact this office.


Did you realize that Rosebud made the Top 10 list for Capital Growth in 2011; for up and coming retirees (yours included), we may need to make some decisions now rather than later, as to where we may want to live once retired.


And last of all a “Sea Change” might be better than we think.


Any queries, please ring us.


George, John and Staff  

Included in this January communiqué – 

    January 2012 Financial Insight, Australian Unity - Link Here 

     2012 New Year Financial Checklist, - Link Here 

     Tax chief and insolvency experts expect rise in company collapses, M Robin - Link Here

     Getting your finances in shape for 2012, Paul Clitheroe - Link Here

     ATO targets contractors with letters as crackdown gathers pace, M Heffernan – SmarthCompany - Link Here


     Top 10 suburbs with the highest annual growth in 2011 in Victoria: REIV, C Knowlton - Link Here

     Sea-changing could be a huge tax savings, M Laurence - Link Here